On the majority of my product pages, the product image loads. However, on certain pages it shows no images.

enter image description here

Examples: https://www.midselec.co.uk/brushed-nickel-3-blade-ceiling-fan-52-inch-with-light-alloy https://www.midselec.co.uk/westinghouse-capitol-ceiling-fan-with-light-42-inch-gun-metal

Working: https://www.midselec.co.uk/halley-brushed-nickel-ceiling-fan-with-light-48-inch https://www.midselec.co.uk/airforce-hand-dryer https://www.midselec.co.uk/chrome-industrial-3-blade-ceiling-fan-48-inch

I inspected the page and it seems the images located in /cache cannot be served Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

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It seems .htaccess file missing in the pub/static folder on the server.

Please get .htaccess file from fresh download and add to pub/static folder.


Check the permission of /magentorootfolder/pub/media folder. If permissions are proper, then you will have to fire php bin/magento catalog:images:resize command, from magento root folder, this command will regenerate images. Also, this process will take some time, as it will generate all images again.

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