Has anybody encountered this error before? I'm not even using temando nor is it enabled. I did try enabling it to see if that would fix it but no luck.

Fatal error: Class 'Zend\Barcode\Renderer\AbstractRenderer' not found in /srv/public_html/vendor/temando/module-shipping-m2/Model/Pickup/Pdf/BarcodeRenderer.php on line 22

I recommend that you add this to your composer.json and run composer install

   "require": {
    "replace": {
        "temando/module-shipping-m2": "*",
    "config": {

That should remove extension and trigger a composer dump-autoload

But basically remove the unwanted extension

Without it in place I can't see any reason how it would continue to call Zend\Barcode\Renderer\AbstractRenderer

Source: my all time favourite blog post


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  • Sorry for the late response @Dominic. I'm testing right now. – cntrl esc -- Aug 7 '19 at 17:09

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