Magento 2.2.4

When I edit fields such as Description (plus some custom attributes of type dropdown, varchar) the edits don't take effect at the store view level - this is because the checkbox "Use Default Value" is unchecked.

Products are added/updated using an ERP - so they use the API rather than being manually added. At the moment it looks like the ERP is setting the default values but not all the store values.

How do I set this, so that default values are propagated down to the store level product? enter image description here

In the table 'store' the website_id = 1, group_id = 1, code = "default", name = "MyShop".

In the table 'store_group' the website_id = 1, default_store_id = 1, name = "MyShop".

So I have the Admin store with id = 0 & MyStore with id=1.

enter image description here

So, how do I set it so that the default values override/propagate the store product values?

Thanks, Eddie

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