I created a custom module with a custom table in magento 2.3.2 including grpahql schema.

I want to get the data using graphql by passing an argument.

I am getting the following error in Alatair GrapgQL client chrome extension.

{ "errors": [ { "message": "Cannot query field \"wordoftheday\" on type \"Wordoftheday\".", "category": "graphql", "locations": [ { "line": 3, "column": 5 } ] } ] }

I passed the query like below.

wordoftheday ( id : 1) {


type Query {
wordoftheday (
    id: Int @doc(description: "Current Day to show WOD in Home page")
): Wordoftheday @resolver(class: "Ayakil\\Wordoftheday\\Model\\Resolver\\Wordoftheday") @doc(description: "The Sales Order query returns information about customer all placed order")
type Wordoftheday @doc(description: "wod information") {
word : String  @doc(description: "word")
verb : String  @doc(description: "verb")
meaning : String  @doc(description: "meaning")
detail : String  @doc(description: "detail")


namespace Ayakil\Wordoftheday\Model\Resolver\DataProvider;
class Wordoftheday
protected $_wordofthedayFactory;

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Framework\Api\SearchCriteriaBuilder $searchCriteriaBuilder,
    \Ayakil\Wordoftheday\Model\WordofthedayFactory $wordofthedayFactory
    $this->searchCriteriaBuilder = $searchCriteriaBuilder;
    $this->_wordofthedayFactory  = $wordofthedayFactory;

public function getWordoftheday( int $date_to_show)
    try {
        /* filter for all customer orders */
        //$searchCriteria = $this->searchCriteriaBuilder->addFilter('id', $date_to_show,'eq')->create();
        $wod = $this->_wordofthedayFactory->create();
        $collection = $wod->getCollection();

    } catch (NoSuchEntityException $e) {
        throw new GraphQlNoSuchEntityException(__($e->getMessage()), $e);
    return $collection;

What is my mistake here?please help me to short it out.

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After a lot of searching, I found my mistake. My error was capturing the id in the resolver file.

private function getId(array $args): int
    if (!isset($args['id'])) {
        throw new GraphQlInputException(__('"id should be specified'));

    return (int)$args['id'];

$args['id'] here as per my graphQl schema I want to pass id, but I passed something else.

And also my passed query also wrong. I should pass like below to get the result as per my graphql schema.

query wordoftheday {
wordoftheday( id : 5){

I correct all my mistakes and got it up and run, to get a clear understanding please read How to create a Graphql schema by passing an argument for custom Magento 2 module with the custom table?.

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