I want to set different SKUs for different store wise. This is Possible?


I have an ABC Product.

For the English Store, I want 'En-Abc' SKU.

For the Arabic Store, I want 'Ar-Abc' SKU.

I have checked with store wise but SKU takes a Global Value.


This is not possible and it should not be possible.

Why is not possible: The sku is kept in the catalog_product_entity table. This is the main table for products. This means it's not an EAV attribute so it cannot have multiple values for the same product.
There is also an attribute called sku defined as static, but that one is there just for consistency. Even if you change the scope of this attribute it won't work.

Why you skould not do it: SKU = Stock Keeping Unit.
SKU is a unique identifier for a product.
It should / does not depend on the language you are selling the product in. It should not really have meaning to the customer. Just for website owners.

If you want different SKUs for different websites you will have to create different products and assign them only in the website / store view you want visible.

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