We experience a problem with the MegaMenu on the Second Dept, if I want to add a Custom Link with attribute codes it doesn't work and the URL is not correctly filled.


{{store url="badminton-accessoires/filter/merk:yonex"}}

Works great, but is i go one level deeper:

{{store url="badminton-accessoires/badminton-socks/filter/merk:yonex"}}

The URL gets too long (I think) and the only thing that's being echoed in the Custom Link field is:

https://www.badmintonplanet.eu/badminton-accessoires/badminton-socks/filter/ ......(attribute extension missing) -> "merk:yonex"

Without the attribute extensions.. can you tell me how I can fix this problem because now we can't make more detailed URL's inside of the menu

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