I like to get current year in my order and invoice number.

Now i'm getting order id example: "XX-000001" i need to get like "XX-190001" this (19) is current year that need to be change in dynamic.

Please let me know how to change?


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Magento 2 get the increment sequencing information from sales_sequence_profile table for order/invoice/shipment etc. All the sequencing params like prefix, suffix are fetched from this table. You need to update prefix column from this table to current year as string. eg: "2019-". All further orders will have this as prefix.

Option 1: Manually change the prefix at start of every year from this table.

Option 2 : Write a cron job that will get executed once in a year. This cron job will change the value of prefix column to current year for your order meta_id record in sales_sequence_profile.

To know more about sales_sequence_profile table please refer http://blog.chapagain.com.np/magento-2-change-increment-id-prefix-suffix-start-value-step-pad-length-of-order-invoice-creditmemo-shipment/.

Hope this finds you helpful..


Hi Just i add "date("y")" in module/sequnce.php file

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