how to solve an error

Unable to save shipping information. Please check input data.

while saving a data in checkout page in Magento 2


  • Do you make any customization on shipping or checkout ? – KKR Jul 26 at 10:05
  • S i added a custom attributes in checkout page – divya sekar Jul 26 at 10:16
  • May be your custom attribute not working properly so can you please rollback your changes and check again ? – KKR Jul 26 at 10:19
  • when revert the etc/di.xml and Plugin/Magento/Quote/Model/ShippingAddressManagement.php file its working but i need to save a customer attributes – divya sekar Jul 26 at 10:26
  • i used this blog done a customer attributes – divya sekar Jul 26 at 10:27

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