I recently added my own form to the Magento frontend. The form contains a file type input, an used the file uploader class to save the file. But I was wondering how save this class is?

I already changed the name, checked the file size (not in code below) and checked the file extension. But I'm wondering if that is enough.

Here is my code (I'm checking file size in an earlier function):

private function uploadFile($id) {
    $uploader = $this->_fileUploaderFactory->create(['fileId' => $id]);

    $path = $this->_fileSystem->getDirectoryRead(DirectoryList::VAR_DIR)

    $uploader->save($path . '/myfiles', $id . '.' . $uploader->getFileExtension());

    return '/myfiles' . $uploader->getUploadedFileName();

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