Centos 6

Already using Apache + Nginx on my Magento 1 sites on a dedicated server

For a Magento 2.2 site I want to run varnish

However after installing varnish - i saw in the instructions need to change listening port-

What I did is to keep apache on 8080 and change Nginx from 80 to 446 (443 is being using for SSL) and changed inside [Home]/etc/varnish default.vcl

from 8080 to 80

Stopped and Restarted Apache Nginx and Varnish however when I went to open the websites none of them are able to connect -

I checked varnish port

ps aux | grep varnish

Output I get is

[root@server ~]# ps aux | grep varnish varnish 6393 0.0 0.0 28932 5204 ? SLs 15:26 0:00 /usr/sbin/varni shd -a :6081 -f /etc/varnish/default.vcl -T -p thread_pool_min=50 -p thread_pool_max=1000 -S /etc/varnish/secret -s malloc,256M -P /var/run/varni sh.pid varnish 6403 0.0 0.7 316840 116444 ? SLl 15:26 0:00 /usr/sbin/varni shd -a :6081 -f /etc/varnish/default.vcl -T -p thread_pool_min=50 -p thread_pool_max=1000 -S /etc/varnish/secret -s malloc,256M -P /var/run/varni sh.pid root 11434 0.0 0.0 103320 904 pts/0 S+ 16:07 0:00 grep varnish [root@server ~]#

Shows 6081 and 6082 but not the port 80 I set

I read some other posts with people with similar problems but I dont have on my server the file changes mentioned in those server locations.

One more thing is that before today I has Varnish 2.1 but today I installed 5.2 - i didn't remoeve the version 2.1 but just followed instructions to install the 5.2 version - so can this be the cause and where else would varnish be getting those values for port setting?

Nginx - doesnt seem to work unless it's on port 80

Please can anyone help asap stuck on this all day

  • I managed to find another file that was here [Home]/etc/sysconfig filename varnish now it is matching same port number specified in default.vcl Please can someone clarify in default.vcl do i put localhost or the ip address of the domain name I want to use varnish for - backend default at the moment it is like this { .host = "localhost"; .port = "8081"; what I want to be able to do is enable varnish only for a particular domain which has the magento 2 site and keep the other magento 1 sites working on different domain using ngix is this possible?
    – jt9489
    Jul 24, 2019 at 19:38
  • just to add i changed the varnish port to 8081 and reset nginx to 80 to open up live sites on the server which stopped working after i changed the nginx port
    – jt9489
    Jul 24, 2019 at 20:16

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use only one - apache or nginx. with varnish.

you have:

user -> nginx:80 -> nginx:443 -> vanish:8081 -> nginx:8080

one domain you proxy pass request back to varnish, for another domain you dont proxy pass, request goes to nginx only. that simple.

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