I am using extension from Authorize.net for payment methods. Everything looks pretty good on testing with sandbox but I am getting errors once launching this extension on live. First everything working well but then after some time users are charged but no order and transaction records created in Magento 2.2.8. There are logs in anet.log and exception.log files.

[2019-07-09 13:35:17] ... Log about success creation transaction ...
[2019-07-09 13:35:17] AuthorizeNet Logger.CRITICAL: Invalid datetime "0001/01/01", expected format Y-m-d. [] []

And exception.log:

[2019-07-09 13:35:17] main.CRITICAL: The input data of type "boolean" did not convert to an array, but got a result of type "boolean". {"exception":"[object] (JMS\Serializer\Exception\RuntimeException(code: 0): The input data of type \"boolean\" did not convert to an array, but got a result of type \"boolean\". at /home/app/www/vendor/jms/serializer/src/JMS/Serializer/Serializer.php:136, JMS\Serializer\Exception\RuntimeException(code: 0): Invalid datetime \"0001/01/01\", expected format Y-m-d. at /home/app/www/vendor/jms/serializer/src/JMS/Serializer/Handler/DateHandler.php:172)"} []

These errors appear in some time after app getting more visitors and higher loading.
I have used xDebug for checking this error on local and found that error appear after successful Create Transaction request, on Get Transaction Details request. Looks like because of error on deserialization "submitTimeUTC" and "submitTimeLocal" values from Get Transaction Details response. Error was reproduced during debug with change time values in response to not valid but error message was different. That's why I have feeling that something wrong with deserialization response data on live server.

Maybe some body has idea, what can be wrong there?

Live server info:
Technologies: Google Instance group with Load Balancer, Google SQL server and Redis server for cache
App Server: php7.0-fpm, nginx 1.15.9
Composer packages:
- authorizenet/authorizenet v1.9.9
- goetas-webservices/xsd2php-runtime v0.2.10
- jms/serializer v1.14.0

P.S. Strange is that error with wrong date generated in JMS\Serializer\Handler\DateHandler, but this class was not used in app during debug on local with sandbox account.

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