I am trying to install the module B2B module in my commerce Magento project. However, I am getting the below error.

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1

  • Installation request for magento/module-checkout == -> satisfiable by magento/module-checkout[100.2.5].
    • magento/extension-b2b 1.1.2 requires magento/module-checkout-address-search-negotiable-quote 100.1.0 -> satisfiable by magento/module-checkout-address-search-negotiable-quote[100.1.0].
    • magento/module-checkout-address-search-negotiable-quote 100.1.0 requires magento/module-checkout 100.3.2 -> satisfiable by magento/module-checkout[100.3.2].
    • Conclusion: don't install magento/module-checkout 100.3.2
    • magento/extension-b2b 1.1.1 requires magento/module-shared-catalog 100.1.1 -> satisfiable by magento/module-shared-catalog[100.1.1].
    • magento/module-shared-catalog 100.1.1 requires magento/module-user 101.1.1 -> satisfiable by magento/module-user[101.1.1].
    • Conclusion: don't install magento/module-user 101.1.1
    • Can only install one of: magento/module-user[101.1.0, 101.0.3].
    • Can only install one of: magento/module-user[101.1.0, 101.0.3].
    • Can only install one of: magento/module-user[101.0.3, 101.1.0].
    • magento/module-shared-catalog 100.1.0 requires magento/module-user 101.1.0 -> satisfiable by magento/module-user[101.1.0].
    • magento/extension-b2b 1.1.0 requires magento/module-shared-catalog 100.1.0 -> satisfiable by magento/module-shared-catalog[100.1.0].
    • Installation request for magento/extension-b2b ^1.1 -> satisfiable by magento/extension-b2b[1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2].
    • Installation request for magento/module-user == -> satisfiable by magento/module-user[101.0.3].

Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json to its original content.

Can anyone have an idea about this issue?

Thanks in advance

  • You're probably trying to use the wrong version. You should just be able to composer install magento/extension-b2b and just let Composer deal with the dependencies. Jul 23, 2019 at 13:53
  • If i tried that,i am getting below error composer install magento/extension-b2b Invalid argument magento/extension-b2b=^1.1. Use "composer require magento/extension-b2b=^1.1" instead to add packages to your composer.json.
    – S.Venky
    Jul 23, 2019 at 14:16

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It seems like you're having issues with dependencies, running these commands might solve it.

composer require magento/extension-b2b
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
bin/magento cache:clean

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