I wanna make City optinal. I was made in JS a Dropdown so i can select the city. I put "city" textbox in display:none in CSS and next, copy onchange the dropbox text into this city textbox so the process don't broken.

But i see if i copy the text, the Magento mark me as "required" fiel.

The process is:

User select "Bogotá" Script copy "Bogota" from de dropbox to the "City" textbox User click "place order" Magento 2 warning Textbox are empty (wen no, i check it)

If i remove a letter from the textbox (Bogotá to Bogot) and next put it again, the process continue without problem.

For this, i wanna make City optional cause i validate the textbox aren't empty.


Magento 2.3.0


I was found the solution myself.

Run this on your database:

UPDATE `eav_attribute` SET `is_required` = 0 WHERE `attribute_code` = 'city';

And it will be done!

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