After upgrading Magento Website from Version 2.0 to Version 2.3.1, product thumbnails are not displaying in "Most Viewed Products". Please help me.


You could try the below and see if it helps:

Resize catalog images, it could be that the image sized need to be "calibrated" again catalog:images:resize

Reindex the catalog: indexer:reindex

Clear & Flush Cache: cache:flush & cache:clean

  • Thanks. Tried all the commands, but no luck. I tried to debug the code and found $product->getThumbnail() is returning NULL – Srinivas Jul 25 at 13:52
  • @Srinivas Is it a Block/Widget? If so have you tried removing it and re-adding? Also do your images have the thumbnail item assigned to them? – Uncle Hank Jul 25 at 16:33
  • It is a Widget. All products are having thumbnails assigned. – Srinivas Jul 26 at 10:19

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