We are using a customized implementation of Manadev Advanced Filters in Magento, and we have multiple websites and stores set up on our platform. The filter results seem to sometimes include values for the wrong store view, and maybe reading the Default Config values for SKUs that are shared between multiple stores. How would we restrict the filter lookup to the correct store view?

The functionality looks to be contained in

app/design/frontend/(custom theme)/default/template/manapro/filteradvanced/view.phtml

/* @var $filterHelper Mana_Filters_Helper_Data */
$filterHelper = Mage::helper('mana_filters');

They options look to be rendered by the line:

$_filterGroups = Mage::helper('mana_filters')->renderHtml($this, 'groups');

As incorrect products are also included on the results page after clicking through one of the options, there may also be filter code elsewhere that needs to be restricted by store view.

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