I having many issues with magento2. I'm benginner using it.

What i want:

  • Get the "City" in Checkout as a dropdown with custom list (its like 10 items in the list) instead of a plain text field.
  • Edit Labels in Checkout steps.
  • Wen someone, for example, select "Bogota" in the City dropdown, the "Shippent method" should be automatic select at "Regular", but if set "Medellin" it will be "Inmediated", of course, prices vary.

What i try:

In the case of the dropbox, try to install magento2-city-dropdown but is'n compatible with my version.

In the case of labels, ill try to edit en_US at i18l folder, delete cache, and none works. Ill attach a screenshot of what i have:

Actual Checkout Page


I'm using Magento 2.3.0 with Firecheckout module.

Thanks a lot.

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