In Magento2, For Admin Product Grids, Search by keyword logic is not working effectively when catalog size is bigger. (>= 25 lacs)

Due to its searching logic:

  1. Searching by SKU
  2. Searching by Product Name
  3. Searching in short desc, desc (when a full-text search is enabled)
  4. Other attributes which have property is_searchable is set

If we want to Restrict Search by keyword only looks for Sku for Product Grid.

What is the best way for doing this without attributes update (via is_searchable property)?

Thanks, Nilesh

  • Why not changing searchable property? – Dominic Xigen Jul 19 at 19:47
  • We want this for backend only. we do not want impact of this on frontend search and advanced search... – Nilesh Tighare Jul 22 at 8:33

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