After I update Magento version from 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 on checkout page I got knockout errors on my console and payments, product items do not show on-page. Before update, it works well.

    Uncaught ReferenceError: Unable to process binding "visible: function(){return isVisible() }"
Message: isVisible is not defined
    at visible (eval at createBindingsStringEvaluator (knockout.js:2992), <anonymous>:3:60)
    at update (knockout.js:4971)
    at ko.dependentObservable.disposeWhenNodeIsRemoved (knockout.js:3383)
    at Function.evaluateImmediate_CallReadThenEndDependencyDetection (knockout.js:2183)
    at Function.evaluateImmediate_CallReadWithDependencyDetection (knockout.js:2150)
    at Function.evaluateImmediate (knockout.js:2111)
    at Object.ko.computed.ko.dependentObservable (knockout.js:1964)
    at knockout.js:3381
    at Object.arrayForEach (knockout.js:159)
    at applyBindingsToNodeInternal (knockout.js:3353)


Uncaught ReferenceError: Unable to process binding "template: function(){return detailsTemplate }"
Message: detailsTemplate is not defined
    at template (eval at createBindingsStringEvaluator (knockout.js:2992), <anonymous>:3:61)
    at init (knockout.js:5464)
    at knockout.js:3368
    at Object.ignore (knockout.js:1480)
    at knockout.js:3367
    at Object.arrayForEach (knockout.js:159)
    at applyBindingsToNodeInternal (knockout.js:3353)
    at applyBindingsToNodeAndDescendantsInternal (knockout.js:3233)
    at applyBindingsToDescendantsInternal (knockout.js:3215)
    at applyBindingsToNodeAndDescendantsInternal (knockout.js:3242)
  • Are you using vanilla magento checkout? Or one step checkout extension? – Dominic Xigen Jul 19 at 20:16
  • @DominicXigen onestep – Ashen One Jul 21 at 1:39
  • Hi if it is a commercial extension bought by 3rd party vendor then support can usually solve such issues. Your issue indicates that maybe your static assets are still from old version of Magento , clear all caches out (manually if needed) and try again. – Anton S Jul 22 at 7:50
  • Hi, did you finally solve this issue I have the same issue using the default Magento checkout ? – magentodev Sep 12 at 14:44
  • @magentodev hello, partially fixed. I replaced knockout parts from 2.3.0 and insert 2.3.2. It's partially fixed this issue, and I don't have an error, but still, troubles in front-end elements rendering (because of the custom template). So, replacing knockout js files may help you. – Ashen One Sep 13 at 8:55

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