After updating from community edition version 2.3.1 to 2.3.2, both my development site and my live site take 4-5 minutes to load the page Catalog-Products. The page seems to hang just after the main page framework is loaded, including the grid for products, but the line for active filters has yet to load. This happens in both Firefox and Chrome from multiple computers. In version 2.3.1 this page load took 3-5 seconds.

Once loaded, the page acts normally until I navigate away (say, to edit a product), then another 4-5 minute wait.

I read several articles on page speed, and nothing described in any article has any effect on this page.

As far as I can tell, all other functions on the web site are working at least as fast as version 2.3.1.

  • Further testing shows that this only happens in the production environment. Developer acts as normal. – George Jul 19 at 15:02

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