I have an attribute set for example "Camera" in that set, we have multiple groups like; General, Recording, Storage, Monitoring etc...

All those groups have attributes which are specifications from that product, it can be a drop down, open field, multiple select.

What I have on the product detail page on the front-end is an accordion with the groups General, Recording, Storage, Monitoring. But I need to get all the attributes per group. Now I will load all the attributes piece by piece but there will be more than 60 attributes so that will be too much to handle.

Is there a way to load all the attributes from a specific group (not a Set).

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If you have the id of the group and assuming that $product is the current product you can get the attributes like this:

  • Thanks, do you also know how to find the groupId?
    – n00bly
    Jul 18, 2019 at 14:07

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