For my Magento store, the threshold qty is not considered on inventory level, although this is set up in the backend.

This is the view with the output of the QTY message


<?php if($this->isMsgVisible()): ?>
    <p class="availability-only">
        <span title="<?php echo $this->__('Only %s left', ($this->getStockQty())) ?>"><?php echo $this->__('Only %s left', "<strong>{$this->getStockQty()}</strong>") ?></span>
<?php endif ?>

This file gets the input out of


public function isMsgVisible()
        return ($this->getStockQty() > 0 && $this->getStockQty() <= $this->getThresholdQty());

but it seems that $this->getStockQty() is not considering the manually edited inventory qty.

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