Background information:

I'm working on a Magento 2.3 solution with a Click&Collect system, where the c&c locations have their own inventory, and a product can be bought online (shipping) or c&c (no shipping).

I know that M2.3 offers a Click&Collect feature but, on what I understand from the documentation, the feature permits to select a location where the customer will pick up all the products.

The system I'm working needs a different setup, customers can buy a product online (the product will be shipped) or a click&collect product (the product is already in the physical store), or both, and this need to create different orders. This is an example idea of the workflow if is a mixed order with an online product and a click&collect product:

Check out content:     -> customer pay ->      Order WEB001:
                                              - Product 1
- Product 1 (online)                          - Product 2
- Product 2 (online)                          - Shipping cost
- Product 3 (c&c)
                                              Order CC001:
                                              - Product 3

I'm thinking to set it up using the multi-source inventory of M2.3 (MSI), that it makes also easy to set the inventory stock for the locations, but I have some questions:

First question: Is it possible to setup/code M2.3 to create an order with a specific prefix code based on the source of a product?

Second question: In case of mixed order, is it possible to setup/code M2.3 to split the order (create multiple orders) based on the source of the products?

Third question: In case of mixed order, the customer pays the total he sees in the checkout with the selected payment method (e.g. PayPal). Considering the order will be split, how the payment works? Will be performed multiple transactions? Or just one transaction and Magento just split the amount paid based on the orders total?

I don't have any code to show cause I'm working on the feasibility of the project but I lack information from the official documentation. So I'm asking here if anybody has worked or has an idea of how the system should be to achieve this type of workflow.


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