I try to import product using csv file in localhost of wamp server but show error in Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions I add product images in pub/media/import

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This issue only comes due to below following reasons:
1. Uploaded images are corrupted.
2. Path given in sheet and uploaded images path are different.


I have faced the same problem but solved as in

  1. put your all images at pub/media/images/catalog/product/CUSTOM_DIR/1.jpg eg: /var/www/html/ocean-tableware/pub/media/catalog/product/lucaris

  2. In csv put base_image path as /CUSTOM_DIR/1.jpg
    Eg: enter image description here

  3. While import from backend put path 'pub/media/import/ enter image description here


I have faced same images issue while importing product via CSV.

Check the fixed answer. Hope it help.

Magento 2 product import won't import images

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