In my checkout page, on applying and removing promo code, it changes the discount key in totals.totals().items. How to apply bindings and subscribe in knockoutjs, so that I can call my function which I am calling from my HTML.


<span class="tag-text">
    <!-- ko if: getFinalSale($parent)-->
      <u class="product-tag underline-bold-text checkout-final-sale" data-bind="text: getFinalSale($parent)"></u>
    <!-- /ko -->


 getFinalSale : function (quoteItem) {
        var item = this.getItems(quoteItem.item_id);
        var temp_item = this.getTempItems(quoteItem.item_id);
        var tagText = '';

        if((((temp_item.price*temp_item.qty) - temp_item.discount_amount)/(item.base_old_price*temp_item.qty)) < 0.5){
            var tagText = 'Final Sale';
            if(item.base_old_price && temp_item.price){
                // && item.price < item.price && item.base_old_price / item.price <= 0.5){
                if(((item.base_old_price - temp_item.price)/item.base_old_price)>0.5){
                    var tagText = 'Final Sale';
        return tagText;

1) How can i call getFinalSale on the change of totals.totals().items

2) The issue I am passing the $parent from my HTML and when the totals.totals().items the discount amount is changed for each item after applying promo code then how will I pass this $parent(quoteItem) from the very same js.

How to solve that.

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