I am looking to setup my Magento stores as follows:

Australia [URL: https://example.com.au/] 

United States [URL: https://example.com.au/us/] 
>United States 

Europe [URL: https://example.com.au/eu/] 
> Europe 
>> English (default) 
>> French [URL: https://example.com.au/eu_fr/] 
>> Spanish [URL: https://example.com.au/eu_sp/] 
>> Greek [URL: https://example.com.au/eu_gr/]
>> Portuguese [URL: https://example.com.au/eu_pg/]

Firstly, is this particular URL structure possible? If not, are you able to recommend an alternative?

The reason I am needing to structure the website in the above manner is to ensure that I am able to accept different types of currency as payment.

Secondly, will this website structure allow me to set different prices at website level?

Finally, I currently only have the Australia > Australia > English store view set up. Is it possible to create all other store views down the tree with the Australia > English setup as their starting point?

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