I have a real hard time solving this issue.

The issue is products Not showing on front end Category Pages and Product Listing Pages after import via CSV -

Just shows We can't find products matching the selection.

However, if I go to the product in Admin and then RE-SAVE without Any changes - and clear cache that product

will show in front end - on product listing pages and category pages - and shows in Layered Navigation

One thing I noticed is that After resaving the product in Admin - it automatically is adding Color Black to the

product - even if I haven't selected it -

I then tested my import file by adding color Black to the products in the import file to check if they show on

front end - but this did not fix the issue

In the database table, I also noticed for the resaved products and after it adds Black to the color_value column

and color column 49

I tried to match these settings for the products which were not resaved in admin but again these still did not

show on the front end

I imported over 30000 via CSV - all

1.are showing in Admin

  1. are showing under the correct categories in Admin

  2. Can be seen on the front end by going direct to the product page itself

  3. Tested with making products in stock with qty 10 and out of stock with qty 0 - both will not show in

product listing/category pages until they have been resaved in admin

  1. Run reindex and cleared all caches

I have set Magento to Display out of Stock Products

The Qty for the products and is_in_stock values are set correctly after import and also the products are


I have tried to export the products which I have resaved and show in product listing pages and then match each

attribute for the import - however after import again the products NOT saved in Admin don't show on the front end

category and product listing pages.

Spent over 4 weeks on this and tried a lot of things and trial and error.

I checked the database table catalog_product_flat_1 and checked all attributes imported and compared the ones

showing on the front end and the ones which are not - and they made them identical however they still will not show

on front end unless the product has been resaved in the admin.

This is the same case when importing via another extension or application for Magento, for example, Firebear - this

the issue is happening whenever or whatever I use a CSV import.

Another issue is that if I resave the products and they then show on the front end - when I update those same

products via CSV import - the values for example price and qty and is_in_stock only change in admin and not

in front end - on product listing category pages - I then have to resave again and clear cache then the

updated changes are reflected on the front end

I am really stuck on

  • have your tried using command line ?php bin/magento indexer:reindex
    – Nickool
    Jul 11, 2019 at 22:48
  • yes tried numerous times and ran each index individually too. make sure
    – jt9489
    Jul 11, 2019 at 22:59
  • Delete the generated/metadata/global.php, and then clear cache php bin/magento c:c
    – Nickool
    Jul 11, 2019 at 23:04
  • i checked \generated\metadata\global.php and there is no global.php
    – jt9489
    Jul 11, 2019 at 23:16
  • are you importing from magento1 products, are you doing a migration?
    – Nickool
    Jul 11, 2019 at 23:18

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It seems that you have problems with Products and Categories URLs. Every product need an URL to be displayed in Frontend.

Your product was imported without URL. When you re-save that product, Magento will auto generate a new URL and it will be showed.

Conclusion: you have to add/update records into url_rewrite table in order to make your products presented in Frontend.

  • i am running this extension for url rewrites github.com/olegkoval/magento2-regenerate_url_rewrites however it's taking a very long time - I have 30,000 sku and 1800 categories at moment I am running for store 1 only php bin/magento ok:urlrewrites:regenerate 1 but very slow
    – jt9489
    Jul 12, 2019 at 15:37
  • can anyone recommend another method or extension which can do this taks faster?
    – jt9489
    Jul 12, 2019 at 15:38
  • @jt9489 I think you will need to read through all categories and products in order to generate the product URL and category-product URL. You should contact this guys: next-cart.com/supported-carts/magento. They provide migration service for Magento 2 so I think they will have a solution for you. Magento 2 is so weird thing
    – Jamy
    Jul 13, 2019 at 1:41
  • the urls rewrite seems to have completed - however now even the products that were resaved previously and showing previously are no longer showing.
    – jt9489
    Jul 13, 2019 at 14:28
  • is there anyway to verify that this is a url rewrite issue or not? as i said it completed url rewrite but the issue is still present
    – jt9489
    Jul 13, 2019 at 19:09

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