Table1 - col_name col_city col_tid

Table 2 - col_id col_city

In Magento2 i want col_name,col_city from Table1 And col_id from Table2 Using Join Query And col_city is in both table so i just want col_city from Table1.

i already tried with below join query


                array('tbl2' => $this->getTable('Table2')),
                'main_table.col_tid = tbl2.col_id'

but it returns both tables col_city column , so i just want col_city only from Table1

so please tell me how i can do this in Magento2

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TO short out this issue if you have to use an alise column name for Table2 's column col_city.

If you want to get the first table column name then you can use main_table.col_city at join query.

But when if you want to get data using php collection object then you use an alise column name for Table2 's column col_city.

Join Query:

                array('tbl2' => $this->getTable('Table2')),
                'main_table.col_tid = tbl2.col_id',
                    'tbltwocity' => 'tbl2.col_city',


$collection if collection object then you can second table's city value by

foreach($collection as $each)
  • But how can you please share sample code Jul 11, 2019 at 7:34
  • sure. i will share shortly
    – Amit Bera
    Jul 11, 2019 at 8:00

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