Magento2 Share product link for WhatsApp Web with bitly link

how to currentUrl share with bitly link?


$url = $objectManagerInstance -> get('Magento\Framework\UrlInterface');

$currentUrl = $url -> getCurrentUrl(); 

<div class="whatsapp_share <?php echo $size_class; ?>">
  <a href="whatsapp://send?text=<?php echo $text?>%0A%0A<?php echo "",$currentUrl."";?>"><?php echo __('Share');?></a>

Please try with below link for share products in whatsapp ( for bitly link - can you share url format ? ) .


I hope its work for you.


I guess, that you want to generate a product link, using the bit.ly API, that can easily be shared using WhatsApp?

And you should be done.


you can do it this way...

<?php $urlInterface = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance()->get('Magento\Framework\UrlInterface');
    $_currentUrl = $urlInterface->getCurrentUrl();
<a href="whatsapp://send?text=<?php echo $_currentUrl?>" data-action="share/whatsapp/share"><img src='WHATSAPP_ICON_IMG_SRC_HERE' /></a>

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