So I would like to know the most optimal way how I can merge my existing simple products (let's say 1 product, in 5 different colors, so 5 simple product pages) to 1 configurable product. I would also like these swatches to have mini thumbnails of the product in the other color. Could this be achieved through an extension/module?

Also, we're already using Amasty Color Swatches Pro, but to us it's not sufficiently efficient enough, since you need to add every existing color to an attribute, then you need to assign this attribute to all respective simple product pages, then you need to create a configurable product and add them as associated products.

I would love to know another approach or module on how to easily add/merge my simple products catalog (over 3800 products) together into configurable products.

  • I don't know of any module to do this. But if your products have some way to identify which ones would belong together as children of a configurable product (e.g. they all share the same SKU but with a different suffix) and you already have the attribute values assigned for making the configurable product options, then it is possible to write a script to do it all for you. I have done this before... probably takes a day or two of coding and testing. – BlueC Jul 12 '19 at 16:18

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