I am trying to add custom text after price display everywhere(globally) in website.

  1. category view
  2. product view
  3. Mini cart
  4. cart page
  5. checkout page etc..

can anyone help to me...


Please try to override Magento/Catalog/view/base/templates/product/price/amount/default.phtml from core vendor to your theme path and added the text in the above or after rendering price.

  • Yes, but it will only change in product view page .I need everywhere in cart checkout etc... – Tirth Patel Jul 10 '19 at 8:24

This for list page :


var config = {
  config: {
    mixins: {
      'Magento_Catalog/js/price-box': {
        'Vendor_Module/js/price-box-mixin': true


define(['jquery'], function ($) {

  return function (widget) {
    var globalOptions = {
      productId: null,
      priceConfig: null,
      prices: {},
      priceTemplate: '<span class="price"><%- data.formatted %>/ custom-text</span>'

    $.widget('mage.priceBox', widget, {
      options: globalOptions
    return $.mage.priceBox;

Checkout Cart and Summary page :


I hope its work for you.

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