I am creating shipments programmatically for an order. The order has 3 shipments, I need each shipment to go to a different address.

The order has same product in qty 3. So each item(qty:1) needs to go to a different address but I am unable to change the address for the shipment. Here's what I've tried so far -

    $shippingAddressId = $this->order->getShippingAddress()->getId();

    $address = $this->addressRepository->get($shippingAddressId);

    $anotherAddress = $this->addressRepository->get(6);




  • We should use the multi address shipping checkout logic. For your case, we should create separate orders for each shipping address. – Khoa TruongDinh Jul 10 at 6:01

Step 1: Go to Stores => Configuration (under Settings)

Step 2: Expand Sales tab from the left sidebar on the Configuration page. Click on Multishipping Settings.

Step 3: Uncheck the Use System Value box and configure the following settings:

Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses: Set this option to “Yes” to enable multishipping on your store.

Maximum Qty Allowed for Shipping to Multiple Addresses: Specify a limit to the number of products you want to ship when a customer uses multishipping option.

Step 4: Click on Save Config button.

You’ll be prompted to refresh invalidated cache types through a system pop-up message.

Your customers can now choose different shipping addresses in an order during the checkout process.

When a customer clicks on Check Out with Multiple Addresses button, they are requested to select the shipping address for each item in the cart.

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