How can we get the increment_id when you finish a order as a login customer?

I try to get the increment_id to show in a succes page but the only ID I'm receving is the order_id after I've made the /payment-information with the rest API.

My workflow is this one:

  • get the customer token /V1/integration/customer/token

  • create a cart /V1/carts/mine

  • add item to the cart /V1/carts/mine/items

  • add shipping information /V1/carts/mine/shipping-information

  • Add billing information and process checkout /V1/carts/mine/payment-information

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If you have an admin token available use


to get increment_id. If not, create a new endpoint that will translate order id to increment id if the currently authenticated user is the one that placed it.

  • But if I'm loaged as a customer with a customer token?
    – maru3l
    Jul 15, 2019 at 20:31

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