I have a custom phtml file in system config and been added to 3 groups:

group_1, group_2, group_3

in phtml I have:

<input id="my_value" type="number" name="groups[group_1][groups][my_settings][fields][my_value][value]" value="<?= $block->getValue('my_value'); ?>"/>

Where name=group[group_1] should be dinamically depending on which group it it belongs: for example: groups[<?= $GROUP ?>][groups][my_settings][fields][my_value][value]

Where $GROUP will hold value for each group:

It works if I hard coded for one for group e.g: groups[group_1]

How can I get groups name programatically?

  • Can you provide a screenshot of what the config screen looks like? Jul 8, 2019 at 20:28

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I manage to find out by simply using $element->getName() in render:

public function render(AbstractElement $element)
        //print_r($element->getName());//this will print full path on every group correctly.
        $this->_pathGroupName = $element->getName(); 
        return parent::render($element);

public function getPath() {
        return $this->_pathGroupName;

In my phtml:

<input id="<= $key ?>" type="number" value="<?= $block->getValue() ?>" name="<?= $block->getPath();?>" /> 

I then ended up with in my inputs like:

<input id="0" type="number" name="groups[group_1][groups][my_settings][fields][my_value][value]" value="<?= $block->getValue('my_value'); ?>"/>

<input id="1" type="number" name="groups[group_2][groups][my_settings][fields][my_value][value]" value="<?= $block->getValue('my_value'); ?>"/>

<input id="2" type="number" name="groups[group_3][groups][my_settings][fields][my_value][value]" value="<?= $block->getValue('my_value'); ?>"/>

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