I am rendering sales_items rows in frontend Screenshot is: enter image description here

Can anyone please help me to find how get image path here from product id or any other solution. and set path in src tag ?

My .phtml file code is there :

$OrderItemHelper = $this->helper('CompanyName\ModuleName\Helper\Orders');
$collection = $OrderItemHelper->getOrderItem();
<b><i>Total order Items <?php echo count($collection)?></i></b>
<table class="data table" id="test-data-table">
    <caption class="table-caption">Seller Product Data</caption>
        <th scope="col" class="col title">ID</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col title">Product Id</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col title">Image</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Name</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Sku</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Description</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Sale Date</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Price</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Qty</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Total</th>
        <th scope="col" class="col author">Action</th>

    <?php foreach ($collection as $key => $data): ?>
            <td data-th="ID" ><?php echo $data->getItemId(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="ID" ><?php echo $data->getProductId(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="Image" ><img src="how can get path here" ></td>
            <td data-th="Name" ><?php echo $data->getName(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="Sku"><?php echo $data->getSku(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="Description"><?php echo $data->getDescription(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="CreatedAt"><?php echo $data->getCreatedAt(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="Price"><?php echo $data->getPrice(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="Sku"><?php echo $data->getQtyOrdered(); ?></td>
            <td data-th="Sku"><?php echo ($data->getQtyOrdered()*$data->getPrice()); ?></td>

                <a href="<?php echo $block->getBaseUrl().'admin/catalog/product/edit/id/'.$data->getId(); ?>" class="action view">
    <?php endforeach; ?>


First, you load product using product id like

$objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
$product = $objectManager->create('Magento\Catalog\Model\Product')->load($data->getProductId());

After that, get the URL of the image

$imageHelper  = $objectManager->get('\Magento\Catalog\Helper\Image');
$image_url = $imageHelper->init($product, 'product_base_image')->getUrl();

You set on this URL in your code like

<td data-th="Image" ><img src="<?php echo $image_url; ?>" ></td>
  • let me check please – HaFiz Umer Jul 6 '19 at 8:03
  • Yes Thank You is absolute work ! before your answer i was going to try get path from db use Join between catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value and catalog_product_entity_media_gallery table . i.e catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value.entity_id=catalog_product_entity_media_gallery.value_id . – HaFiz Umer Jul 6 '19 at 8:16

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