I'm following the official Magento wiki regarding the configuration of multiple websites in Magento 2.3.1 EE cloud but I really cannot understand what I'm doing wrong in my local configuration.

What I want to achieve is something like:



So multiple websites with one store each and each store have two store views. As you can see I need the same store code for both the websites but creating both from the admin gives an error because the variable is unique.

So I created the store views with codes like domain1_it, domain2_it. I then specified on the admin panel both the URLs I specified above for the store views. I even un-set the Auto-redirect to Base URL value because it kept redirecting me while I browsed my second domain.

my host's file is the following right now: domain1 domain2

I can access the domain2 right now but when I switch to my store domain2/it I get an error 404. Do I need even more configuration?

For now, I am pretty unsure about this configuration and I'm worried about what I'll have to do for my integration deployment too.

Thanks in advance!


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