I want to join my order table with the Magento order table to display data on my custom grid. The correct way to add fields to a DataProvider is by using addFieldStrategies and addFilterStrategies via di.xml.

  • di.xml
        <type name="MyVendor\MyModule\Ui\DataProvider\Order\DataProvider">
                    <argument name="addFieldStrategies" xsi:type="array">
                        <item name="reason" xsi:type="object">MyVendor\MyModule\Ui\DataProvider\Order\Grid\Strategies\AddReasonFieldToCollection</item>
                    <argument name="addFilterStrategies" xsi:type="array">
                        <item name="reason" xsi:type="object">MyVendor\MyModule\Ui\DataProvider\Order\Grid\Strategies\AddReasonFilterToCollection</item>

I can add only one field via this method, though I want to join 4 field as in

  • Dataprovider.php
            ['sales' => $this->collection->getTable('sales_order_grid')],
            'main_table.magento_order_id = sales.entity_id',
                'sales.status as magento_status'

What is the correct way to move this multi-field join to implement via addFieldStrategies and addFilterStrategies via di.xml?

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