Can anyone suggest to me how to decide a value for MAGE_INDEXER_THREADS_COUNT?

I am managing a website that has 5 websites, 10 stores, 6 customer groups. I know adding this environment variable can increase indexer performance but I am not able to decide what should be the correct value for the website.

Thanks in advance.

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It depends on how many threads you have in your server, to check if you can run this command below.


You will see something like this:


Then you can test as I did below, you will see that you can run the reindex process much faster allowing it to run with more threads allocated to it.

MAGE_INDEXER_THREADS_COUNT=$(nproc) php -f bin/magento indexer:reindex


Then you can modify your file env.php to add it.

'x-frame-options' => 'SAMEORGIN',
'MAGE_MODE' => 'production',
'session' => [
    'save' => 'memcache',
    'save_path' => 'tcp://memcache:11211'

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