I am having trouble when I do step 8 and 9 of Gift Wrap.
8. To upload a thumbnail Image of the gift wrapping, click Choose File. Then, select the file to upload from your directory. A thumbnail of the image appears in the Gift Wrapping Information after the record is saved.

  1. Click Save.

When I 'Click Save' I get an error message showing up in a red rectangle near the top of the screen: 'You have not uploaded the image.'

I am using a .png file that has dimensions of 230x230 so it seems I am meeting all the requirements to upload the image.

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The permissions on the folder to which magento saves uploaded images need to be set properly. In some cases Magento tells you directly there is a permissions problem. For example cannot be created Warning!mkdir(): Permission denied. But for gift wrapping the error message is not as detailed.

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