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in magento 2 admin

in orders :

enter image description here

in products: enter image description here

when go to every page this error showing

how i can fix this???

  • have you check the webservers errorlog? and the magento-logs – Philipp Sander Jul 2 at 8:07
  • magento - only has system log -- broken reference in ' notification ' – prabhakaran7 Jul 2 at 8:09

i make mistake in index.php in root folder

i added some code that was not removed

this was just messing with the api calls from admin panel because it was corrupting json output.

for reference : https://tutes.in/solved-magento-2-error-a-technical-problem-with-the-server-created-an-error-try-again-to-continue-what-you-were-doing-if-the-problem-persists-try-again-later/

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