I have simple product with SKU : AAA

and has custom options Sku
Option 1


Option 2


On Product page SKU is showing AAA is fine.
Now if customer Add to cart and chosse first option in both sectios for this product it's SKu Bocomes AAA-A1A1A1-B1B1B1 in cart and Order

I want to change it's saperator from - to +
so result SKU becomes AAA+A1A1A1+B1B1B1
How can ido it?

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Please check with below which have event for product save after, it means when we save products than get sku and than set sku.

Get product from save event observer - Magento 2

I hope, its working fine for you. :)

  • no problem on product SKU it is fine, i want to change in quote and order SKu which is concate options sku with current
    – MageCoder
    Commented Jul 2, 2019 at 9:36

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