I upgraded a customer's site this morning from to After the upgrade, the front-end and back-end would load part of the page header but nothing else.

I am sharing the root cause here for anyone else who encounters it. In /html/app/code/core/Mage/Cms/Helper/Data.php, there's a new function isSwfDisabled(). Older versions of PHP fail to parse it.

Instead of

$statusSwf = $statusSwf->asArray()[0];

you can use

$statusSwf = $statusSwf->asArray();
$statusSwf = $statusSwf[0];

Of course, you won't want to change the code directly. You'll want to create a proper override or upgrade to a version of PHP that supports the syntax.

Hope this helps.

  • What version of php failed to parse it? – Dominic Xigen Jun 30 at 21:45

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