I am getting below error when get magento2 email:

CSS inlining error: DOMXPath::query(): Invalid expression in selector

50% << in /var/www/html/vendor/pelago/emogrifier/src/Emogrifier.php on line 502

I have tried to find solution and i came to know that we need to override email_inline.css which is calling from

> "vendor/magento/module-email/view/frontend/email/header.html"

--> {{inlinecss file="css/email-inline.css"}}

how can i overwrite "email-inline.css" and "email.css" in my custom theme.

NOTE: if you check magento-blank theme then you will find this files in below path: 1) /pub/static/frontend/Magento/blank/en_US/css/email-inline.css 2) /pub/static/frontend/Magento/blank/en_US/css/email.css

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