How to add text with link in csv file of a module. For example,

"An error occurred" 

I want to add text with link like below for this message.

"An error occurred.Please contact our customer service<a href="http://some-link">here</a>

Try Following Way..

i have converted French langugae

"An error occurred.Please contact our customer service<a href=""%1"">here</a>","Une erreur est survenue.Veuillez contacter notre service clientèle<a href=""%1"">ici/a>"

and direct link add below way...

See PayPal Feature Support details and list of supported regions<a href=""https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/express-checkout/in-context/"" target=""_blank"">here</a>.","Voir les détails PayPal des fonctionnalité de support et de la liste des régions prises en charge <a href=""https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/express-checkout/in-context/"" target=""_blank"">ici</a>."
  • I believe %1 parameter is coming from the code. Is there a way to to include the link directly in csv? – blakcaps Jun 28 at 6:33
  • yes i have used and working for me @blakcaps – Rakesh Donga Jun 28 at 6:34
  • Could you share an example for that? – blakcaps Jun 28 at 6:37
  • yes sure check it prntscr.com/o7roq1 @blakcaps – Rakesh Donga Jun 28 at 6:38
  • Just checking <a href=""yahoo.com"">here</a> Will this work if added directly like this in csv? – blakcaps Jun 28 at 6:43

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