My Actual Screen look like enter image description here I Expexted Result look like requirement model screenshot

How to Display Total Savings like above mentioned screenshot.

I need to print Sum of total added product savings amount in summary section

  • If you add anything here, it will add up in order total, and you just need to show it here without any addition – Shoaib Munir Jul 1 '19 at 11:34
  • Currently there is no Field "Total Savings " in summery Section – Shafeel Sha Jul 1 '19 at 11:37
  • You can use this module for reference. And change a few things logically as per your need. github.com/mageprince/magento2-extrafee – Yash Shah Jul 2 '19 at 9:27
  • Can you show complete code of the module which adds that column? Or is it just a regular Magento discount? – Siarhey Uchukhlebau Jul 2 '19 at 11:09
  • $savings=($_item->getProduct()->getPrice()-$_item->getProduct()->getFinalPrice())*$block->getQty(); this code i use to display savings individually. all others are by default magneto features – Shafeel Sha Jul 2 '19 at 11:12

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