I have this code

code on /app/etc/modules/Custom_Restapi.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>

code on app/code/local/Custom/Restapi/etc/api2.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <custom_restapi translate="title" module="Custom_Restapi">
            <title>Custom Rest API</title>
        <custom_restapi translate="title" module="Custom_Restapi">
            <title>Testing My Rest API</title>
            <attributes  translate="firstname lastname email password" module="Custom_Restapi">
                <firstname>First Name</firstname>
                <lastname>Last Name</lastname>

code on code on app/code/local/Custom/Restapi/etc/api2.xml


code on app/code/local/Custom/Restapi/Model/Api2/Restapi/Rest/Guest/V1.php

 class Custom_Restapi_Model_Api2_Restapi_Rest_Guest_V1 extends 

 * Create a customer
 * @return array

public function _create(array $data) {



code on app/code/local/Custom/Restapi/Model/Api2/Restapi.php

class Custom_Restapi_Model_Api2_Restapi extends Mage_Api2_Model_Resource


but i have this error all time

enter image description here

My structure

enter image description here

please tell me how to display my var_dump, why all time 404?

And if I want to add another controller, what do I need to do for this?

and how give permission on this resource in the admin area ?

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