I have tried many ways to deploy my local server project to live server or another PC but not working very well.

so please give me a better and exact solution for it.

thanks in advance.

  • Do you use any automation tool for it ? – Abdul Pathan Jun 26 '19 at 11:30

If you are doing it manually this is the process.

  1. Copy whole project to your server machine in the deployment path(probably /var/www/html in linux).
  2. Dump your SQL database from your local machine.
  3. Create a new database in server and import the dumped SQL file.
  4. Change the base_url from your database. Update your project URL with new Server accessible URL.
UPDATE `core_config_data` SET `value`='http://myserver.com' WHERE `path` = 'web/unsecure/base_url'
UPDATE `core_config_data` SET `value`='https://myserver.com' WHERE `path` = 'web/secure/base_url'

Note: Replace https://myserver.com with your server URL.

  1. Now Update your app/etc/env.php, change database name, database host, database Username & password with the new ones.
  2. Delete all the content from generated/*, var/*, pub/static/*.
  3. Set Recursive Write permissions to generated/, var/, pub/static/.
  4. Now run these commands.
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Now everything should work properly...!!

  • Yeah Thanks! I will this tried but sometime not working well. so is there any specific solutions ? or this is the final one? – sarvesh Dineshkumar Patel Jun 28 '19 at 10:10

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