Did anyone encounter a problem with a third party checkout extension like Amasty OPC or IWD OPC? I haven't upgraded yet to Magento because I read in the release notes that:

"Third-party checkout extensions and closed security cases will either not work securely or will not work at all."



We use OneStepCheckout.com and the problem I have is after adding products to the shopping cart, they appear in the dropdown display of the shopping cart but the system says the Shopping Cart is empty when I click to display the shopping cart. I see that there is a newer version of One Step Checkout and I will upgrade and test again and report here but that may be a few days because I must get approval for the expenditure. I am working with a Development site so the delay is not a problem.

  • Thanks for sharing. – jehzlau Jul 1 at 4:47
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    I spoke with the OneStepCheckout developers and they say there are no problems between their extension and Magento Next I searched the internet to try and determine which PHP version is best for Magento I could not find a definitive answer but it appears people using PHP version 7.0 are not having the problems being reported by people using PHP 7.1 or PHP 7.2. I decided to change our PHP version to 7.0 and perform the upgrade from Magento to Magento again. This time everything appears to be running without errors. I even tested placing an order. All good. – homepagestore Jul 3 at 16:06
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    Just so you know, I am using cPanel and Softaculous to perform the upgrade. – homepagestore Jul 3 at 16:08
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    Thanks for the reply. We also use IWD and are waiting for more info before upgrading our site. Unfortunately PHP 7.0 isn't an option for a production store as PHP 7.0 has been deprecated so there are no security patches upcoming. – themew Jul 7 at 18:05

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