Using Magento 2.2.4 - I have the Auth.net Direct Post payment method enabled, the Magento Auth.net patch applied, and with the configuration:

Gateway URL:


Transaction Details Url:


I'm seeing the transactions in the Auth.net sandbox payment.log:

(TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved

but an error is being thrown on the Magento side:

Please enter a transaction ID to authorize this payment

I've tried with Test Mode both enabled and disabled. How can I get this working properly?

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Normally - Authorize.NET does not return a transaction ID in the test mode

Please update with below file :app/code/Magento/Authorizenet/Model/Directpost.php

if (!$this->getResponse()->getXTransId()) { // approx line number 664

replace with

if (!$this->getResponse()->getXTestRequest() && !$this->getResponse()->getXTransId()) {

I hope its work for you.

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