I'm trying to trasform some field values during data migration from Magento to Magento 2.3.1.

In map.xml I added the following:

    - - -
       - - -
            <handler class="\Migration\Handler\Convert">
                <param name="map" value="[0:1;1:3;]" />

But i get the following error:

[2019-06-21 20:20:36][ERROR]: Invalid map provided to convert handler
In Data.php line 126:

  Data Migration failed

What I need is:

m_helpdesk_ticket.is_spam = 0 should be transfered as mst_helpdesk_ticket.folder = 1


m_helpdesk_ticket.is_spam = 1 should be transfered as mst_helpdesk_ticket.folder = 3

What is wrong in param tag?

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<param name="map" value="[0:1;1:3;]" />

the last ";" was wrong, the following is correct:

<param name="map" value="[0:1;1:3]" />

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