I have developed a module for Magento 2 for Promotions.

I have a form for this which is working and contains basic information:

Title Description Price Start Date End Date

I now need to add "Products" to the promotion.

I have two tabs for this Promotion Form

in the "Products" tab, I want to add a product selection form such as the one found in the categories page. like this: Product selection form

I have searched through Magento SE and can't find the answer I am looking for.

Does anyone know a way of achieving this or a resource that I could read up on to learn how?

  • Are you using ui component form or normal form? Jun 20 '19 at 13:24
  • Hi Sukumar, i am using a normal form in PHP using $fieldSet->addField()
    – vmp
    Jun 20 '19 at 13:50

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